You've done it!! 

You finally made the decision to build your new dream home! More than likely you've also hired a general contractor to handle the building process. More often than you think, your personal preference is not, and doesn't have to be the same as your builder's opinion when it comes to your home's ventilation needs. Here in The Greater New Orleans area, the necessity for a well thought out and engineered HVAC system is the absolute heart of a house! Let's be honest here, the most beautiful looking and well-built houses will always attract the eyes of onlookers, but if when someone enters the new home and, the air is stagnant, muggy, and dirty, nobody will enjoy their time there. 

All these factors can be avoided, all begins at the earliest stages of the construction process.... not the end!  The insulation, windows, attic ventilation, foundation, wall construction, even down to the direction the house is facing all play a huge factor on the amount of ventilation that each area of the house will need to counteract the forces against it at any given time of day/season,
Rest easy!!

Here at the Mike Rougee Corporation, we take everything into consideration. We take our time to talk to our customers and listen to their concerns, as well as work closely with the building contractor in order to give your new home the proper attention to comfort. Unfortunately, this is not always easy and infact, gets downright tedious at times. Going from engineered drawings to actual real wold functionality doesn't always equal the same result. Especially when the end product is something you can't even see! Fortunately, we have the lastest tools availible in our industry to help us figure these things out. Add to that the decades of expierience, and you know that you've called upon the right company to handle any and all of your air conditioning and heating needs for your new home!

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